Besides the ethereal icescapes and abundant wildlife of the Antarctic Peninsula you'll get an audience with the "Kings of the Antarctic" - the rare and most beautiful king penguins of South Georgia. Abandoned whaling stations in Grytviken; rockhopper and Magellanic penguins in the Falklands/Malvinas; and landing on the Antarctic Continent itself are among the other highlights of this expedition cruise.


• In the region of the South Shetland Islands and Antarctic Peninsula get a great variety of opportunities to actively explore the unique wildlife and breathtaking scenery

• Explore South Georgia - a not-to-be-missed destination within the Antarctic region

• Learn about Antarctic scientific researches straight from the source

The small city of Ushuaia is the perfect starting point for our expedition cruise to Antarctica, South Georgia and the Falkland/Malvinas Islands. Located near the southern tip of South America, it boasts beautiful views of the Andres Mountains and the Beagle Channel. Stroll the lively main street of cafes, shops and outfitters, perhaps picking up a last-minute item for your voyage, or enjoying a typical Argentine grill entrée at one of the many casual restaurants. If you arrive early, you will want to visit beautiful Tierra del Fuego National Park.
In the afternoon we embark the Sea Spirit and set sail down the scenic Beagle Channel.
Through presentations and informal conversations, our team of experts on Antarctic wildlife, history and geology will enlighten you about what we’ll expect to see in the days ahead. Keep a sharp eye out as we cross the Antarctic Convergence, where ocean dynamics create a unique zone of marine life and activity. In the early evening of the fourth day, weather and sea conditions permitting, we plan to have our first landing in the South Shetland Islands.
In the region of the South Shetland Islands and Antarctic Peninsula we get a great variety of opportunities to actively explore the unique wildlife and breathtaking scenery. With nearly 200 recognized sites here we use all our experience to offer you the best places and ways to explore the enchanting world of the Sixth Continent. A flexible planning is a key to successful expedition. Our Captain and Expedition Leader will do their best to show you all the faces of Antarctica. We hope to tick off 5 penguin /6 seal / several whale species in Antarctic check-list. While cruising along narrow Antarctic waterways we admire huge icebergs of different shapes, sizes and colours. We visit scientific stations representing several different countries and learn about Antarctic scientific researches straight from the source. Of course setting foot on the actual Antarctic Continent is also on agenda.
More informative presentations are in store today, as we head northeast toward South Georgia.
For many, South Georgia is a not-to-be-missed destination within the Antarctic region. These sub-Antarctic islands are mountain peaks emerging from the Scotia Arc, an underwater mountain chain that extends from the Andes to the White Continent. Shaped like a long and narrow whalebone, the islands are home to: Four seal species – southern elephant seal, Antarctic fur seal, Weddell seal, and leopard seal. Several whale species – southern right whales, humpbacks, fin whales, sperm whales, killer whales orcas, and southern bottlenose whales. Antarctic seabirds, about 46% of the world's breeding population of grey headed albatrosses; northern giant petrels, white chinned petrels and Antarctic prions. Most of the world's population of the South Georgia blue eyed shags live there, some 7,500 pairs. Penguins – around half the world's population of macaroni penguins, along with 100,000 pairs of Gentoo penguins and about 6,000 breeding pairs of Chinstrap penguins. The most attractive residents of the South Georgia are King penguins with their orange-yellow crowns. The total number of King penguins is around 400,000 breeding pairs. We spend three days among the alpine landscapes and penguins colonies. We will also visit to the historic settlement of Grytviken. With its whaling-era remnants and Earnest Shackleton’s gravesite, the one-time whaling town is one of the highlights of South Georgia.
The Falkland Islands offer an unforgettable vista of moors and rugged coastlines carved by the South Atlantic, where the wildlife and plant life form a link between Patagonia and Antarctica. On the beaches, elephant seals are a spectacular sight when battling among themselves to establish territories or just simply relaxing. Sea lions and fur seals are also common sights. As many as a million penguins nest in the Falklands every summer, representing five of the world’s seventeen species – King, Gentoo, Rockhopper, Magellanic and Macaroni. What’s more, for the Gentoo, the Falklands are home to the largest population on Earth. Look for black-browed albatrosses nesting on grassy hillsides overlooking the sea. The capital of the Falklands Port Stanley is the southernmost British outpost in the world. With many reminders of its British heritage such as red phone booths and English pubs, the town boasts other unusual sights like a whalebone arch and shipwrecks along the coast.
Reality begins to set in during this final sea passage separating the magic world we’ve just explored from the rest of the world we’ll soon be rejoining. Refresh your memories through a photo exchange with newfound friends, and bid farewell to seabirds and whales that you can identify more easily now.
Morning disembarkation in Montevideo.
Itinerary, landings and all other activities during the cruise depend strongly on ice and weather conditions and are subject to the decisions of the Expedition Leader and the Captain of the vessel. Encounters with any mentioned wildlife cannot be guaranteed.

Triple Classic

$ 10995 USD pp
Triple Classic
23 square meters (250 square feet); 2 twins (convert to a King) and a sofa bed; picture window; private facilities.

Main Deck Suite

$ 12995 USD pp
Main Deck Suite
20 square meters (215 square feet); two twin or a King Size bed; minimum two portholes; private facilities.

Classic Suite

$ 14995 USD pp
Classic Suite
23 square meters (250 square feet); two twin or a King Size bed; picture window; private facilities.

Superior Suite

$ 15695 USD pp
Superior Suite
22 square meters (235 square feet); two twin or a King Size bed; picture window overlooks on outside walkway; private facilities.

Deluxe Suite

$ 17395 USD pp
Deluxe Suite
26 square meters (277 square feet); two twin or a King Size bed; private balcony; private facilities.

Premium Suite

$ 18995 USD pp
Premium Suite
33 square meters (353 square feet); two twin or a King Size bed; private balcony; private facilities.

Owner’s Suite

$ 22095 USD pp
Owner’s Suite
40 square meters (437 square feet); separate living room; King Size bed and sofa bed (can accommodate a teenager); private deck; jetted bathtub.

Sea Spirit

Vessel Type: Luxury Expedition

Length: 90 metres

Passenger Capacity: 112

Built / refurbished: 1992 / 2016

Sail aboard the remarkably comfortable Sea Spirit and experience the polar regions in grand style with spacious suites. Sea Spirit accommodates just 112 passengers, all in spacious suites with panoramic oceans views. Think king-size or twin beds, en suites, flat screen TVs and DVDs and internet satellite. Many suites have private balconies, lounge areas, dressing tables

There is a lounge, bistro and bar, hot tub, gym, a state-of-the-art presentation room and stabilisers for smooth cruising.

  • All-suite ship
  • Smallest suite is a spacious 215 square feet.
  • 15 suites have balconies.
  • Owner's Suite is an outstanding 550 sq. feet.
  • Flat Screen TVs and DVD players in every suite
  • Gymnasium and Hot Tub with seating area and Bistro
  • Library/Games Room
  • Open bar
  • Elevator 
  • Every suite has an exterior view

Cabin layout for Sea Spirit

Sea Kayaking (850.00 USD)

Antarctica is a paddlers’ paradise. The White Continent boasts some of the world’s most impressive landscapes and is home to incredible marine wildlife. Sea Kayak Club members will have the opportunity to paddle through tranquil waters filled with glittering icebergs and porpoising penguins while surrounded by magnificent glaciers and mountains.

Sea Spirit

Sea SpiritSea Spirit

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