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Along Famous Pirate Routes
Exchange the winter blues for the pastels of the Caribbean – sailing into the sun along famous pirate routes.
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Discovering the Diversity of the Lesser Antilles
A new island a day on the horizon – discover the diversity of the Lesser Antilles under sails filled with the trade wind.
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Caribbean Islands: Colonial Flair & Nature’s Magic
The wind in the sails, the feet in the sand – setting course for dream islands with colonial flair and nature’s magic.
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Caribbean Joie de Vivre
Caribbean joie de vivre, nature in all its glory, and French holiday flair.
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Easter Caribbean: Natural Paradises & Famous Sailors’ Haunts
Windjammer atmosphere at Easter – natural paradises, famous sailors’ haunts and sailing alongside the SEA CLOUD.
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Eleven Island Treasures – Christmas Holiday Cruise

Enjoy Stunning volcanic scenery and island hideaways. From Bridgetown to Bridgetown - 15 days. Aboard Sea Cloud II. 21 December 2017. Saving: EUR€400 Discounted Rates: EUR€6 195 - EUR€12 295 Standard Rates: EUR€6 595 - EUR€12 695 ...

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Treasures of the Grenadines
From volcanic plugs to the scent of vanilla – enjoy the colourful world of the Grenadines with all your senses.
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Through a Tropical Paradise
Voyage through a tropical paradise from Jamaica to the archipelago of the Lesser Antilles.
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Through the Lesser Antilles
An Easter family reunion – SEA CLOUD and SEA CLOUD II sail side by side through the island chain of the Lesser Antilles.
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Cuba: Infectious Rhythms and Nature’s Paradises
Cuba: Beaches like powdered sugar and sugar barons’ mansions; infectious rhythms and nature’s paradises.
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Along the Caribbean Summer Winds

Caribbean summer winds, the stunning pastel colours of the ABC islands and the Latin-American zest for life. From Willemstad to Panama City - 8 days. Aboard Sea Cloud. 15 December 2017. Saving: EUR€200 ...

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Across the Atlantic: From Gran Canaria to Barbados

Sail with the trade winds through the ever-changing island landscape of the Canaries. Enjoy the vast ocean, tranquility and a simply breathtaking voyage across the Atlantic on board a majestic windjammer. ...

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Golf in the Caribbean
Given her size, shallow draft and a design that is very open to the sea, Le Ponant gives passengers the feeling they are on a private yacht.
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ABC Islands and Colonial Ports
With the trade winds from the pastel-coloured ABC islands to grand colonial ports.
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Treasure Islands, Green Volcanoes and Underwater Worlds
Find the best spots under palms at Christmas and toasting the New Year with rum.
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Sailing the Caribbean aboard Sea Cloud
Travel aboard an authentic square-rigger tall ship.
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